Les Witches: music from the 16th century

I’m glad to say I’m back for a little while because of the holiday. Travelling to my homeland wasn’t on my schedule, mainly because I take violin classes on Saturday. My family don’t really celebrate easter since they always had a bent for Spiritism, so I’m not sure whether they consider themselves christians like catholics do. Despite leaving any christian dogmatism behind (except for me who appreciate the christian morality above all else) they still want to gather the closest relatives in these holidays. 

Coming here always feels good but for some reason this time I’m not feeling at all cheerful. About two weeks ago I was with all my fears and disturbances in full bloom, everything went wrong  and I watched my world falling apart. Things happened all at once. I was in such distress that there was no other way out of the situation other than talking to my mother about things I never told her before, about traumas and feelings - things I've been keeping inside for way too long. This sort of made me feel embarassed and unconfortable with the idea of facing her.  Beyong all that my computer stopped accessing the internet and I spent a bunch of money to get it fixed. I had other domestic expanses and to end the story I got sick. It was only on Saturday that a light shone on me and I felt a little better.

All this to explain that something feels weird like if I had crossed to a parallel universe where things and people are different, including me. I feel something had changed but can’t tell exactly what and how it changed so fast. Okay, it probably sounds schizophrenic, but a less traumatic explanation would say that my life, in spiritual terms, forced me to take a step where I was stuck. If god is a player and I’m a char, let’s assume that I got some skills and ascended to a higher level.  

Music is such a powefull mana potion outlet valve to me that I feel almost in need of sharing my golden lullabies here! I am addicted to early music and concerts, I don’t miss a single one! One of the most valiable artists I ever ran into was Les Witches, a group of musicians from France who play 16th century music with their hearts! Wish I could have the pleasure of seeing them live someday, it would be an unforgettable experience. Their music is extremely hard to find online, even on youtube, so I should be happy with the twenty seven tracks I own, which are most from the album Nobody's jig. Mr.Playford's English Dancing Master. I’m looking forward downloading the Fortune My Foe and Konge af Danmark: L'Europe musicale à la cour de Christian IV. All I could find so far were free samples and my appetite asks for more!

Within Les Witches’s magical realm we get involved with flutes, baroque violins, lutes, harpsichord and so many typical instruments from early music! Listen to the tracks below and let yourself dance.