The Maker – A beautiful stop motion filled with philosophical issues

If you follow my posts here you probably noticed that I have a bent for dark things as well as childish ones (the dolls on the header sums it up) so I’ve recently dedicated a few hours of further reading for childish books and sort of came up with some crazy ideas, but “Oh dear, oh dear! I shall be too late!” What was supposed to be part of a simple summer reading ended up as a possible academic project. Now I’ll research a few other books and movies that look at this issue and start writing something about it! The stop motion The Maker also played a role in this inspiration. Do you want to know why? Well, imagine the combination of three things I love: Spooky dolls, violin and a cute bunny! Now imagine a spooky violinist bunny! The Maker tells the story of an intriguing little creature that runs against time to give life to his creation. Although simple, the tale covers some philosophical issues that have troubled humanity through times and leaves us with a bunch of unanswered questions, such as: who’s the creator? What happens if they run out of time? Is it possible to stop the hour glass? Enjoy this masterwork. Music: "Winter" by Paul Halley.