Scary tattoos for freaky girls!

Although not everyone has the courage to undergo tattoo procedures (I’m not a big fan of needles myself), many people dedicate a corner of their skin to the wonderful illustrations of alternative artists. I thought of posting here some random images of unknowns who did what my fear won’t ever let me do: decorate my body with the art of Kukula, Natalie Shau and Mark Ryden. This fusion of horror with childish stuff is usually seen inside the “perky goth” style and it’s basically what bands like The Birthday Massacre, Switchblade Symphony and New Days Delay do with both music and visual. If I wasn’t so frightened I’d certainly have macabre dolls tattooed all over my body (Kukula’s in particular), but I presume the procedure is too painful so my skin will probably keep blank as paper.


  1. Looking these tattos and having a great desire to make one!Beautiful,especially the seventh image!I'm a great fan of Natalie shau's illustrations<3 Now i just need a little bit of courage Haha


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