Can't (Halloween Valentine)

In the previous post I mentioned my research on illustrations that I hope to print on plain shirts in order to customize them. Besides the beautiful ones uploaded here there’s also a drawing that I did today combining my favorite ingredients: fashion design, victorian, skeletons, macabre and polka dot! As I stared at the result of a morning’s work I realized that the long-dead couple of skeletons would look fine in a shirt so I can’t wait to get it done! (honestly I wasn’t planning to draw a pattern myself and this drawing was made just because it is Halloween time – in the end it fitted like a glove). As soon as they’re finished I'll have pictures uploaded. For now: Welcome to the freak show!


  1. Waaaw! I love your drawing! and as you said I think it would be great on a t-shirt, I can't wait to see the results!


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