Thursday, April 9

Musical Therapy for spiritual Dysfunction

It surprises me how ok i’m feeling with my violin today. Considering that I barely slept last night because of the noisy cracks of my mind, it is amazing to watch  my fingers moving and touching the strings so naturally, easily. I’m definitely not on the mood to study, even though i do know that my academic readings are falling behind. Indeed i’m achieving maturity, otherwise i wouldn’t be here doing my best to focus on Aristotle while on the verge of a meltdown. Before sitting here to tune my baby i thought i’d fail miserably for lack of inspiration, on the other hand my finger-exercises are going just fine. If it wasn’t for my violin i know everyhting would be much worse... If Freud is my psychologist’s best inspiration, the violin is mine.

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  1. "my few and closest friends are trying to make me feel better. Just yesterday one of them skipped her class to talk to me" --> It's me!!! Thanks you for putting on your blog!! That skipped class has been really worthy than <3

    It is me, right?